Four Reasons to Look Into Uplighting Rental in Albuquerque, NM for Your Next Event

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What is uplighting? It’s a type of lighting option, right? To some extent, yes: it’s a type of lighting effect that’s created when lighting fixtures are placed on the ground in a strategic manner and pointed upwards. Hence, you are adding lighting to a space from the ground up—and hopefully for the better, because this kind of lighting can greatly improve the atmosphere of your event space simply by projecting lighting onto plain areas, like columns and walls.

That being said, no matter the size of the space, uplighting is perfect for birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, bar mitzvahs, high school reunions, fundraising dinners and so much more. Here are a few good reasons you might want to look into uplighting rental in Albuquerque, NM for your next event.

If the venue lacks architectural character

An indoor venue may end up being way less interesting than you originally anticipated. The walls are bare, the ceiling is low and the floor is a boring slab. But never fear! With uplighting, you can transform a plain space into something you’d actually want to celebrate in. Plan out where in a room you want more depth, and set down the upward facing light fixtures. Ask a friend to look at your light design to make sure it will work. You can even hang sweeping drapes on bare white walls and then add uplighting to create the illusion of impressive architectural design.

If you want to change the appearance of a space

Here’s a common scenario: your mom’s friend’s sister’s brother in-law knows a guy who will rent you a sweet event space for cheap. Unfortunately, the space is not exactly what you want, but the price is right. Luckily for you, uplighting can save the day! Uplighting is an affordable way to change up the appearance of a venue, while putting a spotlight on desired areas of the space and drawing attention away from questionable existing decor.

If the venue’s own lighting just won’t do

Sometimes the lighting that comes with an event space does not meet your needs. It’s too dull, it’s too bright, there’s not enough light, it’s fluorescent lighting—all of these things contribute to bringing down the mood. To create a worthy ambience with rented lights that’s subtle, yet bright enough so you can see, go with uplighting.

If there’s an area or object you want to highlight

Whether the venue lighting is good or you’re already planning on supplementing with other light fixtures, it’s never a bad idea to install a bit of uplighting to serve as spotlights. If it is a wedding, add uplighting to highlight the cake table, to draw attention to the newlyweds or to light up the dance floor. This may seem simple, but it’s definitely effective.

Have you visited your event space recently and already feel as though the overall look and mood of it can benefit from an instant facelift? If so, uplighting rental in Albuquerque, NM may be just what you need. To reserve equipment or ask questions about equipment rentals, contact the team at Action Audio Visual today!

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