The Benefits of Using Wireless Microphones in Albuquerque, NM

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All around the world, people use microphones to amplify their voices to audiences. These devices are a fantastic alternative to yelling, don’t you think? With that in mind, let’s look at the differences between a couple of popular microphones, followed by the benefits of using wireless microphones in Albuquerque, NM.

The most notable type of microphone is the handheld, which is connected to a wire that’s attached to a speaker setup. They even come with stands so the user can go hands-free. But the downside with a stand-held microphone is that you cannot go too far from the stand. Otherwise, you’ll be out of range and the microphone won’t pick up your voice. You will lose your audience. This is where wireless microphones come in. But first, let’s review two of the more popular options:

  • Wireless lapel microphones: Also called a lavalier, clip microphone, collar microphone or body microphone, the lapel microphone is small enough to attach to a person’s clothing near their mouth. You are likely to see one used during public speaking, for stage acting and to pick up audio from television news anchors. Wireless lapel microphones offer a quality sound, but problems occur when you turn your head, because now you are not facing in the right direction to speak into it.
  • Ear microphones: Today’s ear microphones have gotten thinner and smaller, making them great for singers, performers, church leaders and customer service representatives. They are hands-free, but what makes them hands-free is an accompanying wireless body pack—or a phone or computer for customer care call centers. A big plus is that ear microphones are connected to a thin arm running across your cheek to ensure they are always near your mouth.

The benefits of using wireless microphones are numerous, as they meet the needs for a number of circumstances thanks to their considerable versatility. Benefits include the following:

  • You can move around: Having the freedom to move about during a performance, speech or presentation is the main reason people choose to use wireless microphones. You won’t lose sound quality like you would with a podium microphone, and as long as the signal to the speaker is strong, you can even wander out into your audience. Additionally, tripping is a big fear of performers and public speakers. Since wireless microphones have no wires, there’s less worry about a tripping incident.
  • Less distraction: When you are live in front of a studio audience or television viewers, the last thing you want is for everyone to be distracted by the sight of exposed wiring. This includes microphone wires. To create a clean and organized performance area, make sure you opt to use a wireless lapel or ear microphone.
  • No wire repairs needed: With a corded microphone comes wear and tear. When a corded microphone is used often, the wire that runs from the microphone to the speaker or another device will begin to fray and pull apart. This can pose a serious danger to the user if it’s not repaired or replaced.

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