Understanding the Differences Between a Standard Power Speaker and a Line Array Speaker

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Before you reserve a speaker rental in Albuquerque, NM for your next event, make sure you know what kind of speaker you are renting—especially if you are not very familiar with stereo equipment. For example, two of the more popular speakers rented today are traditional speakers and line array speakers. Which one you should get may depend on what you need it to do. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask an audio video equipment rental company for help and advice. By seeking assistance, not only will you use the speakers properly, but you and your guests will also enjoy quality speaker sound throughout your entire event.

Are you interested in learning more? The following facts show some of the differences between standard power speakers and line array speakers:

  • One of the biggest differences is that line array speakers will transmit a clear, quality sound up to 250 feet away. Line array speakers also maintain a consistent audio stream without blowing out the eardrums of the people closest to the speakers.
  • Think back to what your stereo’s speakers looked like 15 or 20 years ago. They might have been speaker horns set inside cabinet-like cases that were so convenient you could place them on the floor instead of having to mount them onto the walls. However, with regular traditional speakers, you also have to turn the volume up pretty high to project to a reasonable distance, which ends up being way too loud for the people closest to the speakers; it’s difficult to balance the whole room.
  • At Action Audio Visual, we often recommend line array speakers to clients for all sorts of special events. But that doesn’t mean we never suggest standard power speakers, as there are reasons why people still choose to use them. For one thing, they were very popular at one time for personal use, making them a familiar, nostalgic device. Also, if the event is taking place in a smaller venue, then traditional speakers are not an unreasonable choice.

When selecting speakers for your upcoming event, it’s good to know the advantages of the different types. Traditional speakers are convenient. They work great in small spaces and are budget friendly to rent, as well as have loudspeakers that offer good sound control and sound quality. Standard speakers are also versatile in that they are capable of balancing their sound to the room. And while line array speakers are taller, traditional ones are more compact.

Line array speakers, meanwhile, are beneficial when you need a lot of sound for a big event, or if the venue is designed for larger speakers, and they are compatible with a wide range of applications. In addition, these types of speakers provide exceptional sound coverage over a larger space.

If you are looking for a particular type of speaker rental in Albuquerque, NM, then call the knowledgeable team at Action Audio Visual. Whether you’re in need of speakers, microphones, video cameras, projectors, lighting or anything else we carry, contact us about our high quality AV equipment rentals for your next special event!

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