Why You Might Want to Rent Projection Screens in Albuquerque, NM

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There are times that call for big flat-screen TVs, while other occasions are more successful using fabric screens and projectors. Here, we will look at some reasons why someone might want to rent projection screens in Albuquerque, NM. But first, let’s briefly discuss projector setups.

Projectors and projection screens

The most common fabric projection screen options are pull-down or permanent wall projector screens and mobile tripod screens. Which kind of screen you choose is up to you, and you should select one based on your specific needs.

The first thing you need to know is that a projector is required in conjunction with any viewing screen. A typical projection setup will require a projector that is capable of displaying clear video or images on the size screen you want to use. In other words, a smaller less powerful projector won’t stream a big enough picture onto a larger projection screen, even if it is set far back in a room in an attempt to stretch the image. This will only lead to picture distortion. However, if you rent projection screens in Albuquerque, NM, your rental company can recommend a projector that will work best for your needs.

Why rent a screen?

Renting a screen offers a number of benefits and can be useful in a variety of contexts. Let’s take a look at some reasons why renting a screen is such a great option:

  • Set up in a conference room: Anyone who has attended more than one business conference knows that venue size can vary. Some conferences are held in offices, typically in a company’s designated conference room. In this situation, space is likely limited, so a smaller screen should suffice. In larger conference halls—like at a convention center or hotel—significantly larger protection screens are used so that all attendees can see.
  • Giving work presentations: To get your main points across during a work presentation, make sure to utilize a projector screen to highlight all those colorful graphs and charts. Taking the time and putting in the effort to create such an elaborate presentation will no doubt impress your bosses. Maybe they’ll be so wowed that they’ll assign you to take the lead on the next big project!
  • Sharing memories at special events: Whether you’re putting on a wedding, family reunion, high school or college reunion or milestone anniversary, your special event isn’t complete without photographs and videos. But instead of making picture boards that take up a lot of space, simply create a virtual slideshow to play through a rented projector and onto a projection screen. Your guests will appreciate the sentiments. This method is also helpful when honoring a loved one at their memorial service.
  • Fundraisers: Put a spotlight on your next fundraising event with the assistance of projector screens. You can use them when giving your welcoming speech or when you need visuals during the presentation part of the fundraiser. Include photos of whom or what the event is being held to support, as well as all the information prospective donors need before making their contributions.

At Action Audio Visual, we offer a selection of projection screens in Albuquerque, NM to rent for your next presentation or special event. Our options include UWA screens (uni wide angle screens), which allow the light to blend across the fabric, giving you a brighter image. Contact us with questions or to reserve a projection screen today!

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