Fun Ways to Use Projectors

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New audio visual technology has revolutionized the way we experience everything from concerts to family reunions. Using sound systems and projectors, people can create a unique atmosphere and convey mood and emotion effectively, regardless of the venue or atmosphere. While you might be most familiar with projectors being used during lectures or unexciting business presentations, these devices can actually be used for so much more. With a little creativity, you can find a number of fun and exciting ways to utilize projectors for events, or simply on your own, with help from audio visual equipment rentals in Albuquerque, NM:

  • Art tracing: Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, you can still create an impressive mural using a projector. Select a high-contrast image or illustration, and then project it onto the surface you want to paint. Then, all you have to do is trace the image and fill it in to create a beautiful work of art.
  • Social media tracking for events: If you have a trade show coming up, you can use a projector to display a live social media feed, including activity around the event. Encourage attendees to post using event hashtags so that it is visible from the live feed.
  • Visual aid for presentations: Just because you’re using a projector for a presentation doesn’t mean that you have to stick with a boring PowerPoint. You can connect a motion-control remote to your visual system so that you can interact with your presentation in real time. Motion sensor remotes also allow you to create projected white boards that are great for group collaboration.
  • Coordinated light show: There are several applications and programs that allow you to create a light show or visual display that’s synchronized to your favorite music. The next time you throw a party or plan a big event, consider using a projector to display your coordinated light show for guests to enjoy.
  • Movie night: With a projector, all it takes is a screen in the backyard to create a fun outdoor movie night experience for your friends and family. Pop some popcorn, pour some drinks and enjoy your favorite movie from the comfort of your own backyard.
  • Game projection: For a little bit of friendly competition at the office or at home, use a projector to display video or internet games on the wall. Players can compete while people who prefer to observe can watch the game on the big screen.

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