Planning an Outdoor Halloween Party? We Can Help!

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If you want to throw the best outdoor Halloween party in the neighborhood, then the following tips are for you. Read on for suggestions related to audio visual setup, AV rentals in Albuquerque, NM and more!

Check the lighting situation

Chances are, your outdoor Halloween party will take place in the evening. Come nightfall, ghouls and goblins will head to your party ready to celebrate this chilling time of year. Since your party is outside, you have two types of lighting situations to attend to: lights for visibility and lights to set a spooky mood:

  • Necessary lights: Fall brings shorter days. Keep this fact in mind when setting up your party area during the day. Because it’s helpful to see who it is you are talking to, consider extra lighting on tables to ensure your guests can see each other. Also, make sure backyard walkways are clearly defined with path lights so everyone is able to see the area and where they are going. String lights and glow sticks are festive ways to light the way and highlight outdoor entertaining areas.
  • Fun lighting equipment: Although Halloween time screams darkness and the unknown, your outdoor party is the perfect opportunity to utilize lighting rentals. From spotlights to strobe lights and Halloween-like colors dancing across your home’s siding, there are many options to dress up your party for the season.

Have a photo booth in your backyard

Sure, your guests will have cell phone cameras, but gone are the days when people spent more than two seconds posing for photos. So, why not get a photo booth rental for your Halloween party this year? Guests who come fully dressed in costume are ready to jump in the booth, while others can choose from an array of provided costumes and props.

Photo booths are there when your guests are ready to pose for pictures. There’s no rush, and everyone goes home the same night with copies of their photos. The photos are also saved and uploaded for you, the host, to view and download later. And don’t worry about something happening to the booth—when you rent a photo booth from Action Audio Visual, a trained staff member can be on hand for technical help and photo printing during your Halloween event.

Plan to show a movie outside

Whether your plan is to show a Halloween-themed scary movie during the party or are planning a backyard movie showing after the main event, skip the television set and go for a projector and screen!

Start by choosing the right location in your backyard to act as the screen or backdrop, such as a wall, fence or large tree covered in a sheet or tablecloth. Ensure that you’re not projecting the movie where it’ll be bothersome to neighbors. Rent a projector instead of buying one, and don’t forget to rent surround sound speakers and audio equipment to go along with it.

This Halloween, come to Action Audio Visual for a wide selection of AV rentals in Albuquerque, NM. Call us today to get ready for your party!

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