How to Put Together an Event Budget

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Finding ways to fit all of an event’s needs into the allotted budget is always a struggle. Whether your event is large or small, there just never seems to be enough money. That’s why your local audio visual equipment company in Albuquerque, NM is here with a few tips on how to go about building your budget so that you will be able to secure everything you will need:

  • The event purpose: When you have a firm idea of the type of event you want to facilitate and what its main goals will be, you will know how best to assign funds from your budget. Events that are organized to raise money usually do well with multiple forms of audio visual equipment to provide different types of media to rouse interest in a specific message. On the other hand, if you just want everyone to come out and have a good time, the majority of your focus will likely be on food and entertainment.
  • Non-negotiables: With your event’s theme and purpose in mind, clearly determine what your non-negotiables are. For example, if you know that the message of your event is the most important part of the night, audio visual capabilities will be high on your list of must-haves. Knowing your priorities ahead of time will help you distinguish between the aspects of your event that are absolute necessities, and those that can potentially be downscaled if the budget becomes tight.
  • Use estimates as a guide: Although you may not be able to pin down an exact cost for your event while you are still in the planning stages, it is possible to get estimates from multiple companies to have a general idea of how much you will be spending. Even if all of your details aren’t set in stone yet, established vendors and audio visual companies that have experience putting together events of all sizes will be able to help you nail down a figure you can work with. The sooner you have this information, the sooner you can start compiling and allocating the actual budget.
  • Be selective with your vendors: It is important to find vendors that are able to contribute to the overall success of your event, instead of focusing on just their piece of the pie. If your vendor is struggling to see your vision, don’t be afraid to continue looking until you find the right team to work with.

Our team at Action Audio Visual knows how difficult it can be to work within the limitations of a budget while ensuring that your event is still impactful enough to make a difference. With 15 years of industry experience, we understand how to help make your budget work for you, and you can rely on us to do everything we can to help so that your message is highly visible and understandable for all of your event’s attendees. Give us a call so we can work with your budget to get you all of the audio visual equipment in Albuquerque, NM that you need for a successful event.

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