Most Common Audio Visual Service Calls

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You know it’s essential for your audio visual equipment to work every time you need it. The last thing you want is a tech hiccup that’s going to slow down your business and require the attention of a technician.

There are a number of common calls when it comes to servicing audio visual equipment in Albuquerque, NM. Many of these are easy to solve, but others require the attention of a trained technician. Read on to find out more about how you can approach each of these common issues to get your audio visual equipment up and running again:

  • Securing the system: Very frequently, people will call in and say that someone has “messed with” the system. This includes things like rearranging switches, turning up the volume, etc. While you might blame the individual, the long-term solution is to keep the equipment protected so that only authorized personnel can use it. This is also helpful when it comes to protecting the equipment against damage due to dust, dirt or liquid spills.
  • Electricity flow: Most of the time the power is reliable and everything works as it should. But on those occasions where you experience a brownout, blackout or power surge, this could have a major negative impact on the audio visual setup. Surge protectors and power conditioners are a good stopgap measure, but these do wear down over time. Purchasing high quality equipment in the first place is a smart move because it tends to be more durable and resistant to electrical problems.
  • Projector lamp bulbs: Keeping track of the usage of the projector lamp bulb will mean that you’ll know when to replace it. Most bulbs last between 1,200 and 2,000 hours. By about the 1,000-hour mark, you’ll want to replace the bulb as a preventative maintenance measure.
  • Aging equipment: While it might be nice for your gear to last forever, the reality is that most technology has a five- to eight-year shelf life. If you have a set of speakers that has been around for a while and has gotten a lot of use, you’ll want to budget to replace the speakers. Planning ahead will mean avoiding headaches later on when the equipment breaks and you really need it.

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