How to Get the Most Out of an AV Service Call

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Ah, technology. It can be so useful, yet also the cause of splitting headaches at times. Audio visual equipment, for example, can make your business presentation, special event or party stand out when everything is set up and used correctly. Unfortunately, the technology we rely on can break or malfunction, and this can throw a wrench in our plans. While there are things you can try to remedy the situation, the goal of AV specialists is to get downed equipment back up and running as quickly as possible. Oftentimes the best solution is to pick up the phone and call a pro for help.

But as long as you take precautions around electricity and know when you need professional assistance, why not perform your own checks and maintenance? Here’s what you should do before placing a service call for help with your audio visual equipment in Albuquerque, NM.

Things to try to fix the problem

Sometimes the simplest answer is right in front of you. Before calling a service tech for help, consider taking a few minutes to do some sleuthing:

  • Check the power source: People rent audio visual equipment for a variety of reasons. For instance, there are speakers and stereos for personal use, and projectors, microphones and digital screens for corporate meetings. Whether you are at home or at a reserved conference hall when your AV gear stops working, first check for power surges in other rooms. Your outage may have been caused by a flipped breaker.
  • Flip switches: Switches being left in incorrect positions is a common issue people run into with AV equipment they are unfamiliar with. Dials and switches (like the volume and light dimmers) get messed with all the time, and that’s okay as long as no damage is done. Refer to the user’s manual to reset the controls.
  • Look for dates: The older the equipment gets, the more problems it’s liable to have. You can call a tech, but issues with old AV equipment could mean a total failure is coming.

Questions to keep in mind

An AV service technician’s goal is to give you a response to your problem as quickly as possible. To move the process along, address the following questions the best you can before calling:

  • Is the equipment powered on? Is there a problem with the building’s electricity? Make sure the power and Wi-Fi buttons are engaged. Another thing to check is whether there’s a building-wide blackout.
  • Is the equipment plugged into a power source? Take a look at the backs of equipment to ensure the power cables are connected to both the equipment and a power source. Push them in tight so they don’t get loose.
  • Has there been a recent change in the space around the equipment? If your network updated recently, the problem could be with signals, rather than the equipment itself. Nearby renovations and environmental changes can also have an impact on electronics.

For information about renting and using audio visual equipment in Albuquerque, NM, feel free to contact the folks at Action Audio Visual. Get in touch with us anytime to schedule an appointment or get help with your gear!

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