How Can Sound Affect Your Event?

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When considering audio system rentals for your Albuquerque, NM event, know for certain that sound quality will make or break the event. Systems that make high-pitched noises or fail constantly will affect the flow and often annoy attendees. That is why you need to make renting equipment and hiring a competent setup crew a priority. Here are four considerations to ensure sound equipment is ready for your event:

  • Bad soundchecks: Every audio visual installation should start with a soundcheck. This ensures everything is working properly and that attendees will hear the presentation or music throughout the venue. Professionals check right after setup, but also right before the event, since conditions could change how sound travels. Many of us have experienced the testing speakers indicating one volume when speakers performed at a different level. These issues must be resolved before the event begins to ensure sound quality.
  • Volume level: Few things annoy event attendees more than volume being too loud or hard to hear. If it is too loud, those with sensitive hearing often prefer to leave the event and demand a refund. No one should require ear plugs at a corporate presentation! If it is too quiet, what is the point if no one can hear the music or presentation? This is another reason the soundcheck is important. Not only do sound professionals need to ensure a lack of feedback and other issues, but they must also set speakers at an appropriate volume.
  • Venue: Some venues are better for concerts, weddings and presentations than others, but many shortcomings can be overcome with the right speaker placement and equipment. There is little joy in a concert sounding muffled because the venue is built like a cave, or an outdoor wedding where no one can hear anything because speaker placement is poor. Every sound technician must consider the nature of an event and how speaker and equipment placement needs to serve it. Some events have quiet spots where people can take a break from the sound and discuss issues or hold meetings. Insulating meeting rooms or vendor areas from sound must also be a consideration during setup, especially if the venue does not have walls between these areas.
  • Equipment: A heavy metal concert has much different audio requirements than a corporate presentation on teamwork, and those factors are also considered. Besides determining the placement and volume, this also affects the choice of equipment. When you rent from a knowledgeable audio expert, they can recommend the needed equipment and set it up for you. You do not want to overcompensate, but you need to make sure the speakers can handle the demand. Large speakers for concerts are often too loud for presentations or lectures, and smaller speakers can blow out during a concert. Do not cut costs on rental fees—rent what you need or you risk ending your event before it starts.

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