How to Host a Successful Open Mic Night!

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Sound system rentals in Albuquerque, NM and the right equipment will determine the success of your open mic night. Nervous amateurs already have enough on their minds without the sound equipment acting up and throwing contingencies into the mix. If you want to make the most of an open mic night and help your talent, here are six things you need to make it happen:

  • Microphones: Without good microphones, there is no open mic night! Our recommendation is to provide two vocal microphones for performers and a condenser microphone for guitars and other instruments. This will support the richness of sound and help new performers shine. Microphones should be on stands that adjust easily as performers change.
  • Mixer: The mixer ensures that instruments do not drown out singing voices, and vice versa. If you feature mainly solo acts, two channels will work well, but if you are holding a Battle of the Bands type of format, you will require multiple channels. Full bands can work with two channels, but it will compromise sound quality. If you plan on having regular band acts, it may be a good idea to invest in your own multi-channel mixer.
  • Speakers: There is nothing simple about speakers, and having a skilled setup crew is often essential. You need to consider size, volume and placement of speakers. Many small venues believe one speaker is fine for open mic nights, but sound is richer if you install at least two. If you are holding your event in a larger venue, you will want to spread speakers in a surround sound type of pattern.
  • Cables: None of these components work without cables. While wireless is the way of the future, it has not quite caught on with larger sound systems. You will need cables for the speakers, mixers and microphones. To help performers, you should also provide extra cables for guitars and keyboards—it is not uncommon for performers to lose track of their own cables. Once you have cables attached, be certain to tape them down to the floor to ensure they are as flat as possible. You do not want a slip and fall happening on stage. New performers have enough worries!
  • Lighting: If you are holding your open mic at a site that is more general purpose than specifically designed for performances, you will likely need extra lighting. Dark corners, shadows and even glare can be controlled better if you install the right kind of lighting. If you rent lighting equipment from Action Audio Visual, we will take the time to determine the best lighting for your area and how to place it for maximum benefit.
  • Photo booth: The open mic may be some performers’ first experience on stage. Give them a chance to memorialize this day by renting a photo booth. It will be an additional element of fun for an already exciting night!

Action Audio Visual offers sound system rentals and other services in Albuquerque, NM to support your open mic night. Call us today to see what we can offer you.

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