Choosing Between Lamp and Laser Projectors: How to Decide Which Is Best for You

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Many of us grew up with lamp projectors throughout our school years and into our work life—they’re reliable and affordable technology that most people can figure out how to use without too much difficulty. With laser projectors becoming more popular, however, some clients have been trying to decide whether making the jump to laser is something they should consider. Whether you’re looking to buy a laser projector or are considering it for your next AV equipment rental in Albuquerque, NM, here’s an overview of the advantages and drawbacks of each kind of projector.

As you might imagine, hot new technology also is more expensive to purchase—so do you really need a laser projector? In order to determine which kind of projector you’ll need, consider where you’ll be installing or using it, how often it will get used and what you’ll be using it for—then consider these factors:

  • Lasers offer higher contrast and more color: For most home, office and school applications, a lamp projector will offer plenty of contrast and color. However, if you have a practical need for a more detailed color palette and contrast, laser projectors have superior image quality.
  • Laser projectors are ultra-bright: Most of the time, we project images in darkened classrooms and conference rooms to allow for lamp projectors’ relatively low brightness, as compared to laser projectors. In large auditoriums or concert venues, however, a laser projector is brighter and uses less energy than a lamp projector with similar capabilities.
  • Laser projectors last longer: How often will you be using your new projector, and for how long? Lamp projectors can last about 2,500 hours, whereas laser projectors have a lamp life of about 20,000 hours. That’s the equivalent of running it eight hours a day during a workweek—for an entire decade.
  • Delay time: Lamp projectors take a few seconds to switch on and off, whereas laser projectors are almost always ready to go immediately. If you use your projector only for certain occasions, those few extra seconds won’t take away too much time, but if you’re using a projector constantly, it may be worth switching to laser.
  • Installation: Depending on how easily you can access the projector, laser might be the better option. Lamp projectors require more maintenance, so they should be installed somewhere that’s easy to access. If you need to install the projector somewhere remote or difficult to reach, laser might be your best bet simply because it won’t require regular access and maintenance.

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