Why Laser Projectors Are the Future of Projection Technology

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Most of us are familiar with lamp projectors—a reliable and affordable technology that has been the top (and often the only) choice for decades. Today’s advances in technology have made laser projectors a more affordable—and very attractive—choice for businesses, schools and event venues. If you haven’t seen what a laser projector can do compared to traditional lamp projectors, you might be surprised at what they can offer. If you’re in the market for AV equipment rentals in Albuquerque, NM, be sure to ask your provide about its laser projector offerings.

Generally, laser projectors are very similar to lamp projectors—they both use focused light to project an image onto a screen, wall or other surface. The main difference is that one uses lightbulbs to accomplish that, and the other uses a laser as its light source. Here’s a closer look at some of the advantages of laser projectors:

  • Much brighter: Laser projectors are more energy efficient than lamp projectors, which means that they offer significantly brighter light and images—to the point where you can use them in a fully-illuminated room and still see the projected image just fine. Gone are the days of accidentally napping when the conference room lights are dimmed!
  • Uses far less power: Because traditional lamp projectors use lightbulbs to project an image, there’s an awful lot of white light the projector must block in order to show the desired colors. This is inefficient—and uses a lot more energy. Laser projectors, on the other hand, use red, green and blue lasers to create all the colors in the spectrum, so they don’t have to block any white light to create the image. This is part of the reason laser projectors are so much brighter, too.
  • Faster on/off capabilities: When you use a lamp projector, you have to wait for it to turn on and “warm up,” whereas laser projectors instantly switch on and off.
  • Longer lifespan: Your average lamp projector offers about 2,500 to 3,000 hours of running time—whereas laser projectors can go up to 30,000 hours. They also require significantly less maintenance, which means you can install them pretty much anywhere.
  • Higher quality picture: Perhaps the biggest benefit to AV aficionados is the extremely high-quality picture and contrast that you get with a laser projector. For many industries and businesses, lamp projectors will serve their needs just fine, but if you require crisp visuals, laser may be the better way to go.
  • Hybrids available: If you’re not able to work a laser projector into your budget, there are hybrid models available that combine the brightness and other advantages of one or two lasers, along with phosphors to create the other light wavelengths.

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